What we do

Once we’ve discussed the type of home automation system you desire, we begin to coordinate all of your wishes. First Contemporary Automation installs the controller, which is the central hub of the entire network; followed by the installation of all your devices, connecting them to the network.

Usually, beginning with the home lighting system, we replace your current light switches and dimmers in your walls with z-wave receptacles. Not only does this give your home a clean and newer look, it also puts home automation at your finger tips.

Once the main elements of home automation are put into action, we begin to install any other programming that was specified, such as automated music, mood lighting, safety lighting, and so on. When all of the technical work has been completed, we schedule a time to show you how everything works. This is perhaps the greatest amount of time we will spend with you, making sure you feel comfortable and in control .

Common Misconception of Home Automation

The most common misconception regarding home automation:

  • Home automation is very expensive.

Truthfully, you have the freedom to choose how much home automation you desire. Just like going to the hairdresser, you can get basic home automation, or you can get multiple functions. The cost of home automation is from the hundreds, to the thousands, depending on the complexity of the technology you wish incorporated into your home.

  • Home automation is only advantageous for larger homes.

Home automation is appropriate, and vital, for any size residence; from a one-bedroom condo to a 10,000 square foot home. The end result will be a system that provides energy savings, convenience, safety, and complete control of your residence. And, remember, any home can start basic and build up to a more features at a later date.

  • Home automation is too complicated for the average person use.

Our systems are designed to be user friendly and uncomplicated. The greatest benefit of home automation is to make your life easier.

For instance, if you just sat down with a nice hot cup of coffee, you need not get up again, you simply say, “Alexa, turn off kitchen lights” or “Alexa, turn on timer for 15 minutes.”

Our company is also “user friendly,” since we are conveniently there to answer your questions via email or phone.

  • Home automation only works on the inside of your home.

Home automation acts as a huge safety component inside and out of your home. Your exterior and/or interior lights can be programed to turn on before you get home. The fear of walking down a dark pathway to your entry door, or entering into a un-lit home is no longer an issue.

What else can Contemporary Automation do for me?

Everything!! It puts you in control. Our services help you design features that assist you with everyday living.

Wide ranges of conveniences you may experience with automation are:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Control
  • Whole-House Audio
  • Security Cameras
  • Climate Control
  • Locking Systems
  • Motorized Shades
  • Carbon monoxide / Smoke detectors
  • Video door bell
  • Entertainment

Home automation is basically like having your own personal assistant. As you arrive home, lighting and music greets you based on preset settings.

Bedtime – lock your doors, turn off the lights and electronics from your bedroom with one selection. Outdoor lighting automatically adjusts to your chosen settings.
Wake-up – your blinds slowly open, soft music plays and the coffee brews at your command.
Late Arrival – coming home late or unexpectedly? Turn on the lights and open the doors as you arrive for additional peace of mind.
While Traveling – lighting is set to imply that you’re at home and security cameras monitor your home with real-time visibility.
Confirm locks – just to be sure when you’re away, confirm your doors are locked and security is activated.
Doorbell – see who is at your door from any room in the house

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